Akash DTH,Channel list, How To Bill Pay, How to buy Akash DTH

Akash DTH, Channel list, How To Bill Pay, How to buy Akash DTH: Akash is the first direct to home (DTH) service in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi company BEXIMCO has launched Akash DTH service. The goal of this service is to win the hearts of millions of people by promising quality services. That will revolutionize the country’s entertainment industry. DTH signals can be received directly from the satellite via a dish installed at your home, office or any other location. You’ll need a set top box to connect to your Television and a dishEnhancing the Television viewing experience for people is the top precedence of this service. Akash DTH Service will redefine the human Akash TV viewing experience through continuous technological innovation. As the first DTH service in the country, Akash has completely changed the TV experience of the people of the country.

Set up the AKASH DTH service at your home or office today to get the most out of it, including easy and clear view, easy recharge facility, HD Picture Quality and clear sound quality. The channels can fluently see on TVs of all sizes lower than 14″, due to the connection of the Akash
. Akash’s own website address is

How the Akash DTH work

Different television channels send their signals to different satellites. This satellite receives the Earth station of the sky sent to different satellites. The next received signal is sent to Bangabandhu Satellite 1. This signal is then transmitted from Bangabandhu Satellite 1 to the TV through the set top box. At the same time, viewers enjoy entertainment on their television through Akash DTH.

Why use Akash DTH (Direct To Home):

Satellite is an essential tool for information and technology based issues at present. Therefore, the present Bangladesh is playing a major role in mobile phone communication and satellite TV connectivity through the launch of Bangabandhu Satellite 1 on May 11, 2018. As a result, you can connect to the antenna through this satellite. It is noteworthy that there are various types of difficulties with cable network connections. In other words, the channels broadcast through the cable network occasionally rupture and become disconnected. In that direction, The best part of the Akash connection is that there is no problem of disconnection. DTH means direct to home facility when the signal is transmitted directly from the satellite to the TV.

The reason why Akash DTH will be connected is explained below:

  1. All the channels in the sky are high quality HD (High Definition). Each of its channels is very useful for clean video and perfect sound.
  2. Akash DTH is suitable for personal use. You can use it as you wish when you want. Therefore, the grace of local cable operators is not required.
  3. You can tune the channel of your choice on Akash DTH.
  4. Akash DTH is creating satellite coverage across the country. In other words, entertainment can be enjoyed from anywhere in the country through the Akash connection.
  5. Akash dth is directly connected with Bangabandhu Satellite 1. Therefore, network facility will always be available anywhere in the country.
  6. At present, local cable operators establish dish connections in the homes of the customers on a monthly basis cost. However, client has to pay the advance bill for Akash connection monthly through the recharge system at the clients convenient time.
  7. To pay Akash’s DTH bill, the bill can be paid at the nearest Akash retailer or at home through bKash or other Mobile Money Transfer System.
  8. Akash DTH is constantly updated. That is why new channels can be seen.
  9. Akash DTH has program recording facilities. If you can’t watch your favorite programs for busy moment, you can record the program and watch that at a convenient time.
  10. Parental control facility has been added to the Akash DTH. Due to this, the channel can be kept secret if the children want to watch TV.

In addition, Akash DTH has many interesting new features that will change the TV viewing experience in the country.

How to buy Akash DTH

Akash DTH, the only legitimate direct-to-home service provider in the country, is one of the most advanced technologies for DTH television connection. This service will now be available at Tk. 3,999. New Akash DTH is being installed in the customer’s yard to ensure maximum health protection. In May 2020, the country’s only legitimate DTH service provider launched Akash. In the meantime, Akash DTH has become quite popular. By purchasing this connection, people from all over the country will now be able to enjoy the pleasure of watching television at home with the highest quality pictures and sounds. Basically, the corona virus has taught everyone a great deal about spending time with their family.

Besides, authorized vendors, new connections can be ordered by calling 16442 or online from Akash DTH’s website ( Ensuring maximum security, the company’s representatives will install Akash DTH at customers’ homes, offices or anywhere else. Other accessories

include a set top box with power supply unit (PSU), a remote control unit (RCU), an HDMI cable, 1 dish with accessories, 1 single port LNB, 2 connectors (indoor and outdoor) and a 10 meter cable. Excess of more than 10 meters will have to be spent separately at Tk. 03 per meter. After the new connection, you will be able to watch the TV channels for free for 5 days with connection installation. In 64 districts of the country, 34 local and 69 foreign channels with the highest quality images and sound will be seen through Akash DTH.

Akash DTH Cost

There are three types of this package. One is the standard package. Under this, 120 channels including 40 hd channels can enjoy by recharging Tk 399 per month including VAT. The other is Light Package. Under this package, you will be able to enjoy 70 channels including 20 HD channels with a recharge of Tk 249 per month including VAT. The other is Light Plus Package. Under this package, 90 channels including 26 hd channels can be enjoyed for a monthly recharge of Tk 300 including VAT.

Customers will be able to enjoy the package of their choice. Akash Helpline Number – 16442 or 09609999000. It has to be recharged every month. This DTH can recharge for 6 months or one year without recharging every month. That case the total cost is less as per the cost per month. If for any reason the Akash DTH package is not recharged for three consecutive months, the recharge fee will have to be paid separately if recharged at a later time. Re-connection fee Tk. 200. Again the customers will have to pay the package fee.

How many TVs can run with one antenna in the Akash DTH?

Akash Building Solutions has come to share the joy of watching TV with everyone at great cost. If you want to watch Akash dth on more than one TV, you have to use power divider. The power divider consists of 2,4,6,8,16 or 32 ports. If the power divider has 8 ports, the connection will give to eight TVs through one antenna. The problem is that 2 to 3 TVs can be run through one receiver box. If it can be run too much, the receiver box will overheat and get damaged.

Another problem is that the Akash Dth connection has to be connected to the TV through a receiver or set top box to connect to other TVs through the power divider. The same channel will run on the first TV as on the other TV. The same condition again will display even if the channel is change. Control will remain in the hands of one person. The solution to this problem is to have a separate set top box for each TV. Each set top box has to bill separately. The bill has to pay according to the package for the first connection and the bill for the other set top box is less.

Akash DTH Payment system

Akash dth is a prepaid service. That means monthly bill advance payment has to make. By the way, you can watch TV for a whole month by recharging according to one month’s bill package. Akash DTH can recharge from it’s dealer point. Recharge or bill payment will complete through various mobile money transfer methods prevalent in the country. How to pay Akash DTH bill at home through mobile with Bkash is under below:

First of all, the amount of money as per the package of choice should keep in the development account.

  1. Dial * 247#.
  2. You have to select the ‘Pay Bill’ option by pressing the button 6 on the mobile.
  3. Next you have to select the ‘TV” option by pressing 6 button again.
  4. After that you have to press 1 for ‘AKASH DTH’
  5. Now you have to select ‘Make Payment’ by pressing 1.
  6. Next Press 1 for ‘AKASH DTH Subscriber ID’ should select.
  7. ‘Enter The AKASH DTH Subscriber ID’ text will come. The subscriber Id that will provide while purchasing Akash dth will have to write.
  8. Here the customer has to give a contact number.
  9. This step you have to set the amount according to the package.
  10. The bill payment of Akash dth will complete after setting on the secret number of Bikash account.

Channel list of Akash DTH:

All the TV channels that enjoy through Akash DTH, those are:

  • Religion Channels:
  1. AL Quran
  2. Al Sunnah
  • Bangladeshi Channels:
  1. BTV
  2. BTV Chattogram
  3. Independent TV
  4. BTV Sansad
  5. ATN Bangla
  6. BTV World
  7. Channel I HD
  8. Ekushey TV
  9. NTV
  10. RTV HD
  11. Boishakhi TV
  12. Banglavision
  13. Desh TV
  14. MY TV
  15. ATN News
  16. Mohona TV
  17. Bijoy TV
  18. Somoy TV
  19. Maasranga TV
  20. Channel 9 HD
  21. Channel 24
  22. Gazi TV HD
  23. Ekattor TV HD
  24. Asian TV HD
  25. SA TV HD
  26. Gaan Bangla HD
  27. Jamuna TV
  28. Deepto TV HD
  29. DBC News HD
  30. News24 HD
  31. Bangla TV
  32. Duranto TV HD
  33. Nagorik TV HD
  34. Ananda TV
  35. T Sports TV
  36. Nexus TV
  • Entertainment channels:
  1. Colors Bangla (India)
  2. Sony Aath (India)
  3. Akash Aath (India)
  4. Star Plus (India)
  5. Star Bharat (India)
  6. Zee TV HD (India)
  7. Sony (India)
  8. Sony SAB (India)
  9. Colors HD (India)
  10. Zoom
  11. And TV
  12. Comedy Central HD
  13. Colors Infinity HD
  14. KBS World
  15. Arirang
  16. TV5 Monde
  17. ARY Digital
  18. Star Jalsha HD (India)
  19. Zee Bangla HD (India)
  20. Star world
  • Sports Channels:
  1. Star Sports 1(India)
  2. Sports HD 1(India)
  3. Star Sports HD 2 (India)
  4. Sports 3 (India)
  5. Star Sports Select HD (India)
  6. Sony Ten 1 HD (India)
  7. Ten 2 HD (India)
  8. Sony Ten 3 (India)
  9. Sony Six HD (India)
  10. PTV Sports
  • Movies Channels:
  1. Jalsha Movies (India)
  2. Zee Bangla Cinema (India)
  3. Star Movies
  4. Cinemachi Comedy
  5. Cinemachi Action
  6. Sony Pix HD
  7. Star Gold
  8. Zee Cinema HD
  9. Zee Action
  10. Sony Max
  11. Cineplex HD
  12. Zee Bollywood
  13. B4U Movies
  14. Bangla Talkies
  15. Lotus Macau
  16. And Flix
  17. UTV Movies
  • News Channels:
  1. BBC News
  2. CNN
  3. Al Jazeera HD
  4. DW
  5. NHK
  6. CGTN
  7. Russia Today
  8. GEO News
  9. France 24
  10. NDTV 24/7 (India)
  11. Wion News (India)
  • Infotainment Channels:

  1. National Geographic
  2. Discovery
  3. Discovery Tur
  4. Animal Planet HD
  5. Discovery SCI
  6. TLC HD World
  7. History TV HD
  8. Travel XP HD
  9. Hum Masala
  10. Sony BBC Earth HD
  11. NDTV Good Times
  12. Fox Life
  • Music Channels:
  1. Sangeet Bangla
  2. B4U Music
  3. MTV HD+
  4. MTV Beats HD
  5. 9XM
  6. Zing
  7. 9XM Jalwa
  8. VH1 HD
  9. Masti
  • Kids Channels:
  1. Nick HD
  2. Cartoon Network
  3. CN+ HD
  4. POGO
  5. Discovery Kids
  6. Nick
  7. Disney International

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