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Is it possible to get rid of corona by playing Thankuni pata? What do I do if no one in the next house is infected by Covid-19? Is it possible to make soap or sanitizer at home? At the beginning of the Corona outbreak, many such questions were revolving in people’s minds. Reliable answers were not readily available then. On the contrary, rumors were spread through social media. At that time, Dr. Tasnim Jara appeared with an awareness video on social media about the data.

Dr. Tasnism Jara has a health website named SHOHAY. She is also raising awareness about mental health among international students. Dr.Tasnim Jara’s video in simple and clear Bengali language has now spread to millions of people. In the beginning, she made only corona-centric videos. But now she is making videos about health protection and what people should do for various long-term diseases. More than five lakh people now follow Dr. Tasnim Jara’s Facebook page. On the other hand, the video of her health message has been viewed around one and a half crore times on YouTube.

Birography of Dr. Tasnim Jara

Bangladeshi student Tasnimul Islam was a finalist in the Alikos category of the 2020 New South Wales International Student Awards. She is known as Tasnim Jara. Dr. Tasnim Jara is a Bangladeshi doctor. She was born in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. She passed the Higher Secondary Examination from Vikarunnesa School and College. Her favorite subject was Biology. After that, she was admitted in Dhaka Medical College. She passed MBBS from that institution. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Besides, she is working in the A&E department of Basingstoke Hospital. She started working on a website called SAHAY to make reliable health information more accessible to the Bengali speaking community. Soon, Dr.Tasnim Jara’s videos are being posted on roadside billboards, rural health centers and local government offices to spread the word.

Dr. Tasnim Jara YouTube Channel

Dr. Tasnim Jara videos have been viewed more than 160 million minutes on social media and YouTube channels. She currently has more than 40 videos on his YouTube channel. The specialty of Dr. Tasnim Jara’s videos is that she explains the details of every subject in simple Bengali. Multiple references are provided with the video. She went through several steps of data verification, selection and review before making each video. She collected data from the most acceptable sources and multiple studies before making the video. Dr. Tasnim Jara is quite agile in front of the camera due to the debate and the habit of young people to speak on the stage of various events. While studying at Dhaka Medical College, she became the champion in three inter-university debate competitions.

She was also the President of the United Nations Youth Advisory Council Bangladesh at that time. In the beginning there was a small group of Dr. Tasnim Jara. Ima Islam and Saimul Reza, two juniors of Dhaka Medical College, assisted in the selection and research of the subject. Khaled Saifullah, her husband, helped with video editing and graphic design. However, with the launch of the video as well as the website, now Dr. Tasnim Jara’s team has grown. Her team now has 12 members, including four early members of the team and a few doctors from Bangladesh and the United Kingdom. She currently has one million followers on her own Facebook page.

Social activities Of Dr. Tasnim Jara

The contribution of Dr. Tasneem Jara, a social worker, cannot be overstated. She has been doing a lot of great business in such a short time. Originally she was the co-founder of SAHAY. SAHAY is a health-technology company. SAHAY’s website address is Her current pre occupation with this website. Dr. Tasneem Zara along with some of her colleagues and friends launched this website one year ago. The website is being arranged with various information related to healthcare and the symptoms, relief and advice of various diseases. SAHAY currently has about 2,000 followers on Facebook. In less than a year, about 1.5 million people have been following the start-up on social media.

This website provides detailed information in the form of videos and videos on the symptoms of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, how to control these diseases, our lifestyle, eating habits, when it is necessary to seek medical attention. One of the aims of SAHAY is to popularize the idea that any disease can be controlled by changing one’s diet and lifestyle without taking unnecessary drugs or relying on drugs alone. Besides, her healthcare organization SAHAY has come forward with BRAC to raise public awareness about the corona of people from poor families during the Corona period of 2021. Through BRAC, she has been campaigning on social media to support more than 65 families and raise public funds.

Dr. Tasneem Jara Education Life

Dr. Tasneem Jara is studying at McCurry University. She was involved with various voluntary organizations and worked for them by exchanging cultural and social values ​​among international students. International students often face various stressors on foreign soil. Such as forgetting their homeland, study pressure etc. Dr. Tasnim Jara has helped such students adapt to the new environment. She made a video called ‘You are not alone’. There she made international students aware of mental health.

Besides studying, Dr. Tasneem Jara is helping students to improve their skills in various subjects. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Evidence-Based Health Care at Oxford University. In addition, she has been working as a Clinician or Emergency Medicine Doctor in the National Health Service (NHS) in England for more than two years. There is another online organization called AROGGO in the name of social functioning. She is the president of this online based organization. This organization is basically a crowd funding platform. This website connects patients with people willing to donate small and large sums of money to save lives. That is why she has won the Youth Leader Award in 2016.


Tasneem Jara Married life

In 2016, Dr. Tasneem Jara married Khalid Saifullah. Her husband is also a doctor. Her husband has been helping her to make awareness videos. She is very unpretentious. Many may not know what Dr. Tasnim Jara did during her marriage. Dr. Tasnim Jara wore an old KATAN sari to commemorate her grandmother’s wedding. There were no ornaments on her body. Dr. Tasnim Jara was no plague of cosmetics. There was not even a light lipstick on the lips. But there was always a holy smile on her lips. Dr. Tasnim Jara had a very simple comment on this subject. There is a momentary fascination in her beauty, but the beauty of nature is eternal.

Bending under the weight of jewelry does not increase the dignity of women. It only makes women helpful in jewelry. The greatest ornament of a woman is her education and the greatest strength is her talent and confidence. According to her, Dr. Tasneem Jara has been seen in numerous videos on YouTube without any adornment. But her natural beauty and simplicity fascinates everyone. Our society needs Dr. Tasnim Jara more as an inspiration for women’s liberation. We want such a talented girl in every house for social change.



Dr. Tasnim Jara Vaccine luminaries

In the early stages of the epidemic, when there was a lot of scandal and fear about Covid-19, as a frontline doctor, she decided to educate the citizens about the Corona virus. Her work as a mass educator has not only brought her widespread popularity, but also earned her the prestigious title of ‘Vaccine Luminary’ by the UK government. Her continued efforts to create awareness on social media have boosted people’s confidence in the vaccine. When the vaccine was introduced in Bangladesh, a large number of people were reluctant to get the vaccine.

So Dr. Tasnim Jara comes forward to ease the difficult situation by providing reliable information about vaccines and unraveling the myths associated with them. That is why the UK government has recognized her as a ‘Vaccine luminary’. She was given this recognition at the G-7 Global Vaccine Confidence Summit. As part of the G-7 presidency, the UK government convened the Global Vaccine Confidence Summit. There, experts from the public and private sectors are brought together to build and maintain confidence in the vaccine. In addition to the hygiene and coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Tasnim Jara has responded to the Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic by sharing various health videos on social media. Recognized as the only Bangladeshi vaccine luminary “I am extremely proud to be able to present ourselves to the world on this global platform,” she said.


Dr. Tasnim Jara at a glance (Dr. Tasnim Jara Net worth)

Full name Dr. Tasnim Jara
Nick name Not Known.
Date of Birth Not Known.
Age 26 Years
Birth place Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Occupation Doctor and Social Worker.
Father’s name Not Known
Mother’s name Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Name of siblings Not Known
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Marital status Married.
Eye color Not Known.
Hair color Not Known.
Body measurement Not Known.
Name of Husband Khalid Saifullah.
Zodiac sign Not Known.
Language Fluently in Bengali and English.
Nationality Bangladeshi.
Education High School from Vikarunnesa School and College.

MBBS from Dhaka Medical College.

Masters in Evidence-Based Health Care at Oxford University.

Religion Islam.
Food habit Not Known.
Hobbies Not Known.
Net worth (2021)
$3 Million.
Favorite season Not Known.
Favorite color Not Known.
Favorite place Not Known.
Favorite food Not Known.

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