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HSC Result 2021 Publish All Education Board

HSC Result will publish soon: Due to Corona Virus, the HSC exam 2021 has not functioned in the beginning of the year 2021. This exam has hold in the end of the year on 02/12/2021. On 30/12/2021, the exam has completed. Now, it is time of  waiting for the result. We have known a rumor that very soon, the result will publish. At present, there are many website in Bangladesh where you will know about your HSC result 2021. However, you will know your result through our website as fast. If you want to sure about your HSC result, you have stood up near the right door. We present the HSC result 2021 through website easily. You can collect your result and board challenge result through our website.

HSC Result 2021 

We know about that, in 2020, the HSC exam had not functioned due to corona virus. Then Ministry of Education had managed to publish the auto-pass result. But, in end of year 2021, the Corona virus was in normal mood. For this reason Ministry of Education had taken a decision for arranging the HSC exam 2021 like before system. There are 11 Education Board in Bangladesh, where 9 general board, 1 Madrasah and 1 Technical board. In the HSC/Equivalent exam 2021, total approximately 14 lacs students have attended. We hope that very soon the HSC/Equivalent result will publish.

HSC Result 2021 Publish Date

All student of HSC exam have one question that when and how many dates will publish the result. Generally, Ministry of Education publish the result after the decision of Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Normally, every year all education board publish the result within 60 days from end of the last exam day. But, this year the HSC exam has started in late. Again, the SSC and HSC exam will start in 2022. So, we hope that the HSC result 2021 will publish within 30 days. After announcing the result by Ministry of Education, we will publish the result in our website.

How to know the HSC result 2021

There are many way to the result in Bangladesh. Like PSC, JSC and SSC, we know the HSC result in different way. Firstly, All the HSC students will collect their result form their own school. Second, they will know their result through website. And third, they will collect their desired HSC result through Mobile SMS. Now we will discuss about how to know the result through this three way.

To know the result from own college: We know that every year, Ministry of Education announce the result date during one week ago. So, this year you will know the result date just in time. That day, in 11am, the Principal or any responsible person will announce the result. Every students and  guardian will gather in the field of college to know their result. that time will create a festival atmosphere.

To Know  HSC Result 2021 from Online Process

At the present digital time, we will know the result through online. To know the result, it is a popular medium. Form online, you will know or download your only result and result with marksheet. Now, firstly we will discuss how to know only result through online. Here, we will need some objects such as  a PC with internet connection, some web browser like Google Chrome, Fire Fox which installed in PC and a printer machine. The same process is for android mobile. Now, you will have to do:

For only Result: First, you will type to the address box. Here, you show a result box.

  1.  First, you will select here HSC/Alim/Equivalent.
  2. Then, you will choose here 2021.
  3. Next, select your education board.
  4. Now, select here Individual Result.
  5. At last here show the Submit option. You must press the Submit button. Now, you will see your desired result. You can download and print your result.

For Result with Marksheet: First, you will type to the address box and  you will show a result box.

  1. First, select here HSC/Alim. For technical, select HSC(Vocational).
  2. Then, choose here 2021.
  3. Next, select education board.
  4. Now, type here HSC exam Roll no.
  5. Type here your Registration no.
  6. Here you will complete a security Captcha with numeric key like 1+7= 8.
  7. Now, You must press the Submit button.

After pressing the Submit button, you will see your desired result with marksheet. You can download and print this page.

To Know HSC Result Through Mobile SMS

Many times. all the HSC students together show their result. For this reason, online process may be slow. So, there is another process to know the result. The process is Mobile SMS. It is so easy process. Now, how to know the HSC result through Mobile SMS. Here is some work you will have to do:

  1. First, you go to your mobile massage option.
  2. Then. you type here the exam name HSC with capital letter.
  3. Next, you have to press space button.
  4. Here, you type here your board name. The board name must be first three letter. Example: For Dhaka type DHA.
  5. Again, you press the space button.
  6. Now, type here your HSC Roll no.
  7. Here press the space button again.
  8. Type here 2021.

After finishing the SMS process as we say, you send the whole SMS to 16222 no. After some time, a SMS will return to your mobile. Now, you see the HSC result 2021. You can send the SMS by using any operator.

Website Address and The Three First Letter of All board

  1. Dhaka Board = (DHA).
  2. Rajshahi Board = www. (RAJ).
  3. Chattagram Board = www. (CHI).
  4. Comilla Board= (COM).
  5. Sylhet Board = (SYL).
  6. Jessore Board = (JES).
  7. Barisal Board = (BAR).
  8. Dinajpur Board = (DIN).
  9. Mymensing Board = (MYM).
  10. Madrasah Board = (MAD).
  11. Technical Board = (TEC).

At last, we hope that you will understand the whole process of online and mobile SMS to know the HSC result 2021. Easily, you can show your result at home. So, all the students and guardian keep patience and wait for the HSC result 2021 day.

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