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At the present time, the person we all know as Killian Mbappe, his full name is Killian Mbappe Lotin. He basically a French professional footballer. Mbappe played for Paris Saint-Germain, one of the France’s leading clubs and French National Team as a Forward. He is also called “New Henry” because of his ability to score goals and electric speed. One of his weird nickname is “Casse-bonbon”. The meaning of the name is “Pain In The Neck”. The nickname is given by his team mate Benjamin Mendy. Mbappe has been invited to one of the world’s top clubs since he was 12 years old. Mbappe covers the whole of today’s post.

Personal life of Mbappe

Mbappe was born in Paris, France. Growing up in Bondi, a commune in Saint-Denis, 10.9 km from the center of Paris. His father’s name is Wilfried Mbappe. He is a Cameroonian. He is currently a football coach and Mbappe’s agent. His mother’s name is Faiza Lamari. His mother was a former handball player of Algerian Kabyle Descent. Mbappe has two brothers. His younger brother’s name is Ethan. He has also an adopted brother. Ethan played in the Under-12 team at PSG in 2018. Mbappe’s adopted brother’s name is Jiras Kembo Echo. He is also a professional football player. Jiras wanted to imitate Cristiano Ronaldo when he grew up. In education life, Mbappe went to a private Catholic School.

Mbappe began his carrier at his father Wilfred’s coaching AS Bondi. He served them for 11 years. Later, he came to Clarfontaine Academy for football training. Numerous French clubs, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Bayern Munich have tried to negotiate with him for his impressive performances. At the age of 11, Real Madrid invited Mbappe to train with their under-12s as well as tour the club. At the age of 14 he moved to London at the invitation of Chelsea. He played a match for Chelsea’s youth team against Charlton Athletic. Eventually, he settled in Monaco.

Mbappe In Monaco

In October 2015, Mbappe joined Monaco’s B-Team as a base. He was promoted to the main squad just three weeks later due to his skill and maturity. While at club Monaco, he made, his professional football debut at the age of 17 in the home football tournament League One. The match was going on against Kein, he was replaced by Fabio Quenterio 88 minutes later. The match was drawn 1-1. As a result, he became the youngest player in Monaco at the time to break Thiery Henry’s record of 21 years ago. In February 2016, Mbappe scored his first goal for the club’s team in the home tournament League one against Troyes. The goal was a one-stop time goal. The result of the match was 3-1. At about 18, Mbappe became the first youngest goal scorer in Monaco history. As a result of this achievement, Henry was again deposed.

In March 2016, Mbappe signed his first professional contract with Monaco for a period of three years. While in Monaco, he won the League One Young Player of the Year and Golden Boy awards. Mbappe is a matter of pride for Monaco in 2017. He is the first hat-trick of his first team career. Mbappe then socred the first League One hat-trick of his career against Metz. At 18 years and two months old, he became the youngest player to score a League One hat-trick. He then scored in the UEFA Champions League against Manchester City. For this reason. For this reason, he was recognized as the second youngest French goal scorer in UEFA history. The next time, Mbappe scored two goals in League One against Nantes, bringing his League One Career tally to ten goals.

Mbappe In PSG

In 2017, he made an initial signing with rival Paris Saint-Germain. In July 2018, Mbappe was given the No.7 jersey for the upcoming season with PSG. He earned 145 million euro and 35 million euro plus add-ons were transferred in 2018. As a result he became known as the second-most expensive player and the most expensive teenager. There, Mbappe has won three league one titles and three Coupe de France titles. Twice selected as the League player of the year and three consecutive seasons, Mbappe has been hailed as the top soccer in League One.

He is also the third highest scorer in the history of the PSG club. At the international level, Mbappe made his world cup final debut for France in 2018 at the age of 18. After winning the France tournament, he was jointly named the second highest goal scorer and the best young player and the best French player of the year for excellence in the game.

2018 FIFA World Cup

In 2018, Mbappe was called up to the France squad for the World Cup in Russia. In group C, France beat Peru 1-0 and Mbappe scored his first World Cup goal the same day. This goal made him the youngest French goal scorer in World Cup history at the age of 19. He was later named Man of the Match in a 4-3 win over Argentina. He scored twice this day. Mbappe was the second teenager to score the goals in a World Cup match since Pele in 1958. Mbappe scored with a 25 yards strike in the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia. France won 4-2 that day. Mbappe the second teenager to score this time around and won the FIFA World Cup Young Player of the Year award for scoring four goals in the tournament. When Pele found him that day and congratulated him on social media.

Mbappe Credit

Mbappe is described by Arsene Wenger as similar to Thierry Henry, described as “possessing huge football talent”. His talent and outstanding performances for France at the 2018 World Cup also compare him to the media. He is a versatile forward. Able to play on both sides due to skill. He is able to play at the center as a key striker. His patience clinical finishing and keen eyesight, he is now regarded as a powerful football player. Mbappe is also known for his great dribbling skills. As well as his explosive acceleration, agility, quick action and creativity to defeat the opponent. Despite his tall slender build, he is a strong athlete.

Present day

Mbappe on PSG is now passing his golden days. With the recent addition of another powerful forward, Lionel Messi to PSG, the club is now in the air of winning. Where Neymar, Sergio Ramos are playing with Mbappe, the PSG club with respect after Messi’s arrival. However, in the wind of change, Mbappe has expressed his desire to move to Spanish club Real Madrid to realize his dream. Mbappe with PSG remaining only one year contract. In this situation, Real Madrid is offering the last bid 180 million euro for Mbappe to PSG. According to reports, this time Real Madrid signed a six-year deal with Mbappe. So whether Mbappe is on PSG or not is just a matter of time.

Mbappe at a glance

Full name                            :                              Killian Mbappe Lotin.

Name of fathers                 :                               Wilfried Mbappe.

Name of mothes               :                                Faiza Lamari.

Date of birth                      :                               20 December, 1998 (Age 22).

Place of birth                     :                               Paris, France.

Height                               :                               1.72m (5 ft 10 in).

Position                             :                               Forward.

Current team                     :                               Paris Saint-Germain.

Jersey no.                           :                               7

Youth career                      :                               Bondy and Monaco ( 2004-2015).

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