Mehmet Dinç , çılgın dondurmacı (Mehmood Din, A crazy ice cream seller) Kalbimsin-Enti-Albe-Albe-Albe

Mehmet Dinç ( A crazy ice cream seller).Turkey is one of the country in the world where the culture of Europe and Asia exists. Ankara is the capital of this country. Among many other things, Ice cream is very popular in this country. Ice cream sellers in the country sell ice cream in a variety of ways. Mehmood Din is one of them. Even a few days ago, no one knew him. Today, he has known for selling ice cream in a funny way. The arrangement of songs and dances in front in his shop has known to most of the people of the world through internet. Let’s talk today about this crazy ice cream seller Mehmood Din.

Çılgın Dondurmacı ( Mehmood Din, A crazy ice cream seller)

Mehmood Din sells ice cream through dance and song at his ice cream shop in front of a shopping mall in the town Anatolia in Turkey. After starting this shop, customer did not buy any ice cream from him since ten days. Mehmood Din then took a different approach to attracting customers. Then he started Dancing with the song in the sound box at his shop. And now he has known all over the world as a Crazy Ice Cream Seller. Clingin Dondurmaci is the name of his ice cream shop that has currently well known to all in the world. Clingin Dondurmaci is a Turki Word that Clingin means Crazy and Dondurmaci means Ice Cream. Mehmood Din has surprised the whole world by selling ice cream through dance and singing. It is known that he used to love playing music.

Mehmet Dinç Early Life

Mehmood Din was born in 1962 in Antakia, Turkey. Later, he moved to Cyprus at the age of sixteen. During his stay in Cyprus, he used to dance and sing along with his hobbies. Even then, he did not think that this hobby of his would bring him happiness all over the world. Later in 2004, he returned from Cyprus and graduated form Mostafa Kamal University in Informative Department of Business. He returned to Antakya again. There he started working in a cake shop. A few days later, he opened an ice cream shop in front of the Akkapak Shopping Mall in Anatolya. His age is now 40 years. Mehmood Din is the proof that people can sell ice cream so beautifully. The video of the dance with the song to his tune has gone viral all over the world.

Some Speech of Çılgın Dondurmacı

Clingin Dondurmaci is now one of the most famous ice cream shops in the world. Mehmood Din, the owner of this shop, has attracted world people for selling the ice cream with dancing and singing. The condition for buying ice cream form his shop is to dance with him. the shop where there was no one to buy ice cream now sells more than 100kgs of ice cream every day. Not only buying ice cream, but also taking a look at Mehmood Din, taking pictures with him and dancing has attracted a lot of tourists. The tourist company is going a busy time to meet the tourists with him. So, now he is not just an ice cream seller, he is celebrity.

Kalbimisin, The Crazy Ice Cream Seller Song

It has known that the name of this song is Kalbimisin. He sang this song by himself. He is also the choreographer of the dance. There is a music video of this song of Mehmood Din. The Facebook link of Mehmood Din is The number of his current facebook followers is 1054. The address of his

Youtube channel Name : Çılgın Dondurmacı

This Youtube channel currently has 12 lakh members. Here is the lyrics of his song KALBIMISIN.


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