Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu (A Bangladeshi Car Magician): Converted old car to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Limousine Etc.

Car Magician Leepu: A World famous Bangladeshi Car Designer

Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu (A Bangladeshi Car Magician): In this world, people has become famous for his own character and work. For social media, we get introduce many people everyday. But, more about us do not know about him. All of us has a curious to know. Putting curiosity In front of us, we share you today about a man who has known for Vehicle Wizard. This wizard name is Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu. Not only Bangladesh, but also near all world, he has known as a Vehicle wizard. He can make a super car doing modify any design old car. Please read this post attentively.

Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu, A Car Magician

The full name is Nizamuddin Awolia Leepu. He has born on October 1, 1968. His birth place is Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been reading class nine to Residential Model School and College. That time, his father was a Government service holder at Bangladesh embassy in Saudi Arab. For reason of his father. he went to Saudi Arab with his family. In that country, he saw first time a motor show when he was 16. That show, he also saw different brand car. He addict to car from then. However, that day Ferrari brand car attracted him  much and also saw other racing car he made happy. That day, he wishes that if he had a racing car.

That time he had driven a Majda car which gave by his father. But ,he had no money to buy a racing car. So, he was dreamed in his mind for automobile Engineering and car designing. He had made a strong decision to make a super car with own design for himself.

Leepu’s Dream Come true event, Lamborghini Countouch 

In 1994, Leepu’s dream come true. Leepu made a edition of Lamborghini CounTouch. That time, it was the most popular and expensive car. He made this super car from a old sedan car. He modified this old car to supercar. But, then he had no any automobile knowledge. Besides, he was not also knowledge for bodyworks and paints. So in turn into paint, he had used poster. After making a super car, he realized his ability himself. He saw a poster and had made this Lamborghini model car. He gave a name his first made car was Lim-Bil.

Leepu Lamborghini Countouch

Leepu’s Successful Career in Dhaka

In 2000, he return to Dhaka and started a business. Then he had made a another car. That was Lamborghini Diablo. He has made this car modifying an old Daihatsu Charade car. Leepu made this car for $2,500 (TK. 2,13,000). He gave a name of this model Lamborghini was Leepu.

lamborghini diablo

Next, he had taken a decision to make a Limousine car. He had made this 2800CC limousine with helping of his brother Dipu in 40 days with some old cars. In this 22 feet Limousine, there presented all facility like a original Limousine. In the road of Dhaka city, everyone had astonished to see this Limousine.


Leepu Limousine

Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu Successful life in the World

Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu had a wishes that making a car of Ferrari edition. In 2002, he had completed his wish. In the end of that year he made a Ferrari edition car with the help of four mechanics. Except  light and monogram in front of main edition, he done the design. Here is a funny subject that he made this car with rickshaw body sheet and named “Shadhinota 71”. 

leepu Ferrari

After making this car, a BBC reporter made a report on him and his car. Next, he introduced in the world and his car named The Bangladeshi Ferrari also shown into Ferrari official page. After, this success he took a decision for learning higher education about automobiles at General Motors Institute in Michigan. But, it was a complex matter near him. So, he came back to Dhaka and aging start the business with his own experience.

Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu Next Successful Career

After 2004, Leepu did not have to stop. That year, he had got achieved pouplarity for Intersection Magazine in the world. In 2005 to 2010, Dhaka City Exhibition in England had . Next, Leepu got a offer from Discovery channel for making two cars within two weeks in 2006. He completed this offer within 7 weeks with Barni Fineman.

In the same year, first car had presented at Dhaka Motor Show exhibition. The car was the edition of Maclaren M26 model and it was made from a 22 years old Toyota sprinter car. Only chassis had imported. The other car had exhibited at National Museum. It was made form a 1979 model Toyota Crown car.

Leepu’s Successful Life in Foreign Country

In 2006, USA invited him. There he joined in car transformation. Same year, his transformation car had exhibited at Rich Max Center in London. Next, he stayed there as an Artist in Residence. There, he modified a Ford Capri car to transferred to modern and attractable design in two months. That car had given a name “CAR”. In 2007, other car named Angel Car had exhibited at Brooklyn Baishakhi Fair. He and Fineman made this car within 3 weeks.

Leepu is in TV show

In 2007 and 2008, Discovery channel had showed about working of Leepu. Bangla Bangers was the name of the show. That show over in one hour of two chapter. That show had presented that except advanced technology and machinery how to make a car. the program footage had collected form Backstreet Workshop Dhaka. next, that program was showing of sequel series  named Chop Shop Garage.

leepu & pitbull

In 2015, a popular program at History Channel named Pit Bull had invited Leepu. Generally this reality show was Custom  Bilt Garage. the ownership of this garage is Steve Pitbull. That garage, they were modified and customized a car for money. Next, they sold this car. They had customized seven cars in this eight chapter reality show.

Personal Life of Leepu

His parents has no consent that their son Leepu do no come back own country. They wishes that their son got married and stayed in USA for making car. His 100 years grandfather had chosen a wife for him. Now, he is live in USA with his wife and three children. In 2011 he made a car and that car he named Shuruj. Because, Shuruj is the name of his grandfather and he love his grandfather too much.

At last, generally a mechanic firstly draw a car design in a paper. Next, they made a car according to the design. In that case, Nizamuddin Aowlia Leepu is exceptional. He make a super car except formality. He has named his proficiency is Bangla Way. It is funny that, his homer and wrench are made in Bangladesh.  We know that like Leepu there are many people do not show their talent. Please help them and proud our nation.


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