Omicron Virus, The New Seed of Destruction {What is Omicron? What Is The Symptoms of Omicron}

Omicron: Omicron, it is a new variant of Covid-19. It has called a variant of concern by WHO (World Health Organization). Primarily it has given a scientific name B.1.1.529. Next, it has named Omicron. It has proved that the Omicron variant is happening the most mutation. However, about Omicron, is still many uncertain information. For more information about omicron a lot of research is still running for evaluating its re-infection, rapidity and  transmissibility. Please read this post very attentively for your immediate information.

What is Omicron?

Omicron is a new variant of Covid-19.

Where is First Omicron Has Detected

Omicron, is the new variant of Covid-19 has now detected in many countries around the world in meantime. WHO has reported that Omicron has spread in most countries. It is spreading largely day by day. This Covid-19 variant has first detected at Gouteng state in South Africa. Gouteng state are made with Pretoria and Johannesburg. When it has detected, specialist has feared that this variant is able to mutant genetic shape and evade the human immune system. On November 11, 2021, first it has detected at Botswana.

How do the New variant develop?

When a virus is circulating largely and causing many infections, the possibility of change of the virus  increases. There are many way to spread a virus. But, that virus the most opportunities to spread if it has to undergo changes. Omicron, as a new variant remind us that the COVID-19 pandemic is not end. It is very essential that people will get the vaccine and must continue to follow existing advice on preventing the spread of the virus. Such as: keeping physical distancing, wearing masks, use regular handwasher or soap for washing hand till 20 seconds and keep the house well ventilation.

Is the Omicron more severe than other variants?

Although, early the specialists said that Omicron may be less severe than the Delta variant. But, they have not enough data for sure about it. The other side, WHO has warned that it should not dismiss as “Mild”. Studies are ongoing about it and all the information about Omicron will update when  it becomes available. Till then everyone must protect themselves with maintain current health policy.

However, It is important to remember that all kind of variants of COVID-19 can cause severe or death. The Delta variant which is before variant of the Omicron, are still presenting with its hard situation. So, it is so important to prevent spread the virus and reducing the risk of contiguity.

Is This Variant more infected than other variants?

Yes. The Omicron is spreading more quickly day by day than the other variants. Now, in the present day, depend on the available information, WHO mention that Omicron variant will spread more than the Delta variant. into the Covid-19 community.

However, it is too much important to prevent spreading through obey some health rules. The health rules are: receive vaccinated, avoiding crowded spaces, keeping distance from others, wearing a mask and washing hand till 20 seconds. We also know that these types of health rules have effective against other variants.

What Is The Symptoms of Omicron

When this variant first detected, Then no information to suggest that Omicron cause different COVID-19 symptoms from other COVID-19 variants. In the Omicron variant, there is present all conventional symptoms like other Covid-19 variant. Those are main symptoms that we know. But, some Doctors in England, they have noticed the other kind symptoms. According to them, they have found a match between Omicron and Para Influenza.

If anyone infected with Para Influenza, then the patient will sweat in the sleep at night. According to them, Omicron has same action. They had kept their eyes on more than 100 patients for experiments. However, in the meantime Omicron has completed their 37 changes. So, in 37 changes they have noticed the sweat in sleep of more patients. So, they said about this symptom is the main symptom of Omicron variant.


COVID-19 Vaccines How Much Effective Against The Omicron?

At present time PCR and antigen-based rapid diagnostic tests are able to detect infection of all COVID-19, including Omicron

Now we will know that Covid-19 vaccines how much effective against the Omicron. In the world, Omicron has spread in 95 countries. For this cause, now everyone worried about this Covid-19 new variant. So, recently researchers has looked into potential impact of effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines on Omicron.

In researchers view, we have known that AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines has low effective for Omicron than Delta. But, it will more effective, if accept the third doze of these vaccines. The other side, we see that the same result for AstraZeneca and Pfizer in the research result of UK Security Agency. So, preventing form Omicron, we must take the third doze or booster doze of vaccine.

If one take the third doze which vaccine will very helpful?

It is the most important to know that which vaccine you will take as booster doze. We have got some important information that are sharing with you shortly.

One vaccine effectiveness is depend on how much make neutralizing antibody and T-cell response of a human body after taking the vaccine. Recently, UK Security Agency has published a research for Omicron as booster doze. According to the research, who the people has accepted the 2 doze vaccine of AstraZeneca, they has approximately ০% protection for Omicron. Besides, who has taken the Pfizer vaccine 2 doze vaccine, they has  more than 35% protected. However, who has taken AstraZeneca or Pfizer booster doze, they have 75% to 80% protected. So, everyone must take the booster or third doze immediately.

Which Vaccine Will Take As Third Doze

Now, we know about which vaccine will more effective as booster doze. In UK, Multicenter Phase-2 trial has completed recently. There have a trial between seven vaccine. The trial result is shortly present under below:

  1. After taking 2 doze AstraZeneca vaccine, if one will take Pfizer or Moderna vaccine as booster doze, it is more effective. In these case, here is less effective for AstraZeneca or Valneva third doze. So, who taken the AstraZeneca 2 doze vaccine they no need to take the third doze of AstraZeneca vaccine.
  2. On the other way, After taking 2 doze Pfizer vaccine, if one will take the booster doze AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Novovax and Jhonson and Jhonson vaccine. However, here is less effective for Valneva vaccine.

Are children more likely to contract the Omicron?

The research of Omicron is ongoing. So, we will update more information. But, we must maintain health rule carefully. We can go to near our children with self protection. You must teach your elder children about health rule. If anyone infected with corona virus except mother, you keep your baby from them. We hope, there is no more problem. However, elder people who are no taking any vaccinate more susceptible to contract COVID-19.

How can we protect our family against the Omicron?

The most important thing you can do for reducing your risk from the virus. You can protect yourself, your family member and loved ones with follow some instruction under below:

  • You must use a mask that cover your nose and mouth together. Also make sure that your hands are clean when you put on and remove your mask.
  • You keep physical distance at least 1 meter from others.
    Please avoid poorly ventilated or crowded place.
  • You must open windows to improve ventilation of your home.
  • Wash your hands regularly till 20 seconds.
  • You must get vaccinated which vaccine has approved by WHO.

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