‘Salt Bae’ The Turkish Stylish Chef # Nusret Gockchey

Salt Bae As Nusret Gockchey: At present time we are visiting all over the world through internet. We are getting introduced many kind of people with their different character. We know them through social media such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. Today we present near you this type about a man. The name his known for all over the world is Salt Bae. He has well known for his cutting meat with proficiency and scattering salt using hand snake hood style on the meat. Today, we will know about his life style.

Primary life of Salt Bae

Everyone has known him for the name Salt Bae all over the world. But his real name is Nusret Gokchey. Occupationally, he is a chef and restaurateur. This Turkish chef has born on August 9, 1983. His homeland is Erzurum, Turkey and also born in a Kurdish family. His father’s name is Faik Gokchey and Mother,s name is Fatema Gokchey. He has four siblings. He has four siblings. His father was a mining workers. His first educational institute was Faik Shahnock Elokul. To born in a poor family, he did not finish his study. For helping family with money, he joined a slaughter house when his age was 14.

After becoming a butcher, he got beautifully achieve the strategy of cutting meat. Next time, he become a popular food entertainer for cutting and serving meat. Till now, he is unmarried.

Salt Bae At A Glance

Real name Nusret Gockchey
Nick Name Salt Bae
Father’s Name Faik Gockchey
Mother’s Name Fatma Gockchey
Siblings 4
Date of Birth August9, 1983.
Place of Birth Erzurrum, Anatalya, Turkey (Kurdish Family)
Profession Butcher, Chef, Restaurateur
Nationality Turkey
Religion Islam
Sign Leo
Hair Color Deep Brown
Eye Color Deep Brown
Weight 150 pound ( 68 kgs)
Height 5 Feet 6 Inch
Martial status Unmarried
No. of restaurant 4

Salt Bae Working Life

When he joined for butcher, then he savings some money. Next time, he got a tour over the worlds different countries spend that stored money into 2007 to 2010. Generally, he visited Argentina and USA. There, he joined restaurant for no salary, Because, he wanted to experience about how to operate a restaurant. Besides, in those restaurant, he has learnt about various kind of meat recipe.

Then, he has come back Turkey in 2010. He started here a restaurant. Because of successfulness, he opened a restaurant in Dubai, which place is the center point of tourist. However, he became not popular that time. Next time, he was got popular through a 36 second video clip. On January 7, 2017, this video has published of heading of Automan Stay to social media and it had attracted by world people. However, his success has come when his video clip has viral second time.

Salt Bae Success Life

Now in instagram, he has 4 crores followers. Most popularity has bring him a great business success. His restaurant quantity are increasing day by day. Out of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, he had opened his restaurant Stackhouse Chain Nusar-et’s branch in different places such as Doha, Ankara, Bodroom, Istambul, Marmaris, Jedda, Miconas of Greece, Miami, California, Dalas, Bevarly Hills, New York and London. All of restaurant he had opened, there he worked himself with his employees.

He doesn’t know English language. But, he connect with people with his style of cutting and serving meat with scatter salt with snake hood style. Many people get attract for his style and come near him for see him. Many VIP person has come to his restaurant with attracting his style. They are: Maradona, Messi, Neymar, Beckham, Leonardo De Caprio and many others. Now in his restaurant, everyone calculate a huge money for eating.

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