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SSC Result Board Challenge Process 2021- এসএসসি রেজাল্ট বোর্ড চ্যালেঞ্জ ২০২১

SSC Result Review 2021. After much waiting, today 30/12/2021 SSC result has published. The pass rate in this year SSC/Equivalent exam is 93.58%. The SSC/Equivalent exam started on 14/11/2021. After the publication of result, if any candidate is not satisfying with the result obtain and or if there is any doubt about the result, it can apply for review. Today, 30/12/2021, through a circular, all the boards of education have informed about the result monitoring. If the marks obtained in one or more subjects appear to be low, the results of that subject may be reviewed.

What is Result Review?

Those who did not get expect result of SSC/Equivalent exam published on 30/12/2021 will able to revise the result or or board challenge if they want. That is to say, fi there is any doubt about the result obtain after the result publication, the result revise through the application of the respective Education Board know as result monitoring, result re-evaluation, and Result Rescrutiny Process etc. The idea of many is that, Board authorities re-evaluate the paper. But, those issues review whether there was a mistake in calculating the number or giving the number somewhere.

Why the result review is done?

Every year, many students fail the first result. But, after re-valuating the results the we see them to pass or grade improvement. Our suggestion is that since SSC/Equivalent is one of the most important exam in our life. If you have any doubt about your result then you should definitely apply for result re-valuation. A teacher has to observe the records of many examinees. So, it is normal to be wrong in giving numbers. if the result will revise, it will correct to give the number of the examiners or the sum of the numbers is wrong. In the fall, the expected results are available. Generally, the revision result will publish in PDF format on the Board of Education’s website within 30 days of the publication of the original results. The result also communicate via SMS to the personal mobile number provided by the applicant.

How to review SSC Result of Board Challenge 2021?

There will be no need to be go to the Education Board to review the SSC/Equivalent Result 2021. You can apply for review of the result by sending SMS through mobile handset at home. All that need:

  1. A mobile phone with Teletalk connection.
  2. Mobile should have adequate balance.
  3. The application fee for each paper from mobile will be deducted at the rate of Tk.125. The other side, Tk.250 will deduct in all the cases where there are two papers.

Only seven days have given for the revise application. From 31/12/2021 to 06/01/2022, application can apply for result revise.

SMS Rules for SSC Result Review or Board Challenge 2021

To re-evaluate the result, you have to send two SMS and apply. Go to the massage option of the mobile and select Write Massage. How to apply:

  1. There you have to type RSC
  2. Then press space button
  3. Then, type the first 3 letters of your education board name with capital letter. For example: RAJ for Rajshahi Board.
  4. Now, press the space button again.
  5. Next, type SSC exam 2021 Roll number.
  6. press the space button again.
  7. Here, the subject code that needs to apply for review should type here.
    Now, SMS needs to send to 16222.

Example: If the roll number of any student of Rajshahi Board is102119, to apply for the subject Chemistry, it should write as follows:

First SMS: RSC<space>RAJ<space>102119<space>137 and send to 16222 no.

(Note that you can apply for more than one subject in one SMS. In that case the subject code should write separately with commas. For example: Chemistry and Physics should apply in this way:
RSC<space>RAJ<space>102119<space>136,137 and send to 16222 no.)

A return SMS will come after the first SMS send. After sending second space, the application process of result re-evaluation process will complete. In this return SMS, the exam name, subject code, application fee and a PIN number can see. If you agree then go to message option and type:

Second : RSC<space>YES<space>123456<space>01XXXXXXXXX(Any Operator) and send to 16222 no.

All Board Result Review Circular 2021


Rajshahi Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:


Dhaka Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:

Jessore Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:

Mymensing Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:

Dinajpur Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:

Sylhet Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:

Madrasah Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:

Technical Education Board SSC result review circular 2021:


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