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Valentine day 2022. ভালবাসা দিবস. I want you to be my Valentine- with this expression, this day celebrate on 14 February every year. At present, this day celebrate all over the world. Now a days, the Valentines Day has gained popularity among people of all classes and professions. In the past, this day did not celebrate in such a manner. But, gradually this day has gained special importance to celebrate every year for love and affection. At this time, this day is not only for lovers, but also for parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends etc. love display in all fields. As like every year, in 2022, the 14th February will celebrate all over the world as Love Day. Today we will talk about some things in this regard.

History of Valentines Day (ভ্যালেনটাইস ডে কিভাবে আসল)

At the present day, Valentine’s Day celebrate with worldwide with joy and frenzy. However, We do not know much about the past history of this day. But, although the history of Valentines Day not so acceptable, there was a touch of love in all the stories. Let’s try to find out today. Rome, in the ancient city, February 14 has celebrated as a holiday in honor of Queen Juno of the Roman gods and goddesses. At that time, Juno was believed to be the goddess of women and love. For this reason, February 14, has celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

In ancient Rome, a physician named Valentine served a blind girl. But, despite banned, the doctor converted to Christianity. One day while the blind girl treated, Valentine tied up and took away by Roman soldiers. Valentine had executed by order of Emperor Claudius on February 14, 260 AD. The blind girl also regained her sight in her treatment. Earlier, Valentine had written a farewell note to the girl. At the end of this note it read “It’s your Valentine.”

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Now a days, the value of Valentine’s Day has increased a lot. This day celebrate with great pomp in the western countries. People in the United Kingdom and the United states spends millions of dollars on this day. For Valentine’s Day, people express their love by exchanging greetings cards, flowers. chocolates and other gift items with each other. In the United States alone, approximately 30 million greeting cards has exchanged on this day. This Valentine’s Day is a special day for two lovers. Therefore. they keep preparing for how to spend the whole day. Here are some tips to help you make this golden day even more beautiful.  

Some Valentine’s Day Tips

  1. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend can go a beautiful place for passing a loving time.
  2. You can eat your favorite food together with your boyfriend/girlfriend in a famous or favorite Restaurant.
  3. Together with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can go to the cinema hall for showing a favorite movies.
  4. Go for a walk somewhere where the two of you first met.
  5. You can make your partner happy by giving him/her a favorite genius gift.
  6. If you stay far away, you can send a nice love letter to your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  7. In the moment of spending loving time with a loved one, you can tell the the story of the past memories of love.
  8. As a sign of love, you can get married on this day.

Where Valentines Day are banned

Now a  days, we have come a long way from the real Valentine’s Day theme. For this reason, some countries has imposed restrictions on Valentine’s Day celebrations. For example, the French Government banned this day in 1776 because of the loss of consciousness on Valentine’s Day. This day also rejected at various times in Austria, Hungary and Germany. Recently,  in 2027, Pakistani Court banned this day because this day was anti-Islamic. Not just Pakistan, Celebrating this day is completely banned in 5 more countries. In 2012, Malaysian Government has banned for celebrating this day due to immoral activities of some young people. Iran has banned the Valentine’s Day since 2011. Valentine’s Day banned on 14 February, 2100 in Belgrade, Russia. Valentine’s Day has also banned in Saudi Arabia. There are also Government bans on this day celebrations in US state of Florida.

Valentine Day Messages For Girlfriend

Valentine Messages For Boyfriend

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