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World Chocolate Day: It is difficult to find a person who does not get wet when hears the name of chocolate. The effects of serotonin present in chocolate cause additional stimulation in the body which helps in reducing depression and activates of feeling good in our senses. As a result, everyone from children to the elderly became addicted to the tempting taste of chocolate. And that’s exactly why chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in the world right now. We do not know again and again that World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year. This is a funny thing.

Many people have to say that what’s the day again for chocolate? It should be kept in mind that different customs are being introduced in different countries. Chocolate is a very popular food in many countries. Again, chocolate is the key to the economy of many countries. This chocolate is a favorite genius for everyone in the world and this day is celebrated according to their own rules. However, no reliable historical explanation has been found for any custom of celebrating this day historically. Therefore, this delicious food is celebrated from time to time in different countries. So, no matter when the day is celebrated, today we present some exciting information of World chocolate day.

When is Chocolate Day Celebrated?

This Chocolate Day was first celebrated in Europe in 1550. Originally the French had the idea of ​​celebrating Chocolate Day. They organized the first large-scale celebration in 1995 in honor of everyone’s favorite chocolate. Although the first celebration was held in the interior of the country. In due course, however, the tradition took over and it took the shape of a grand ceremony and spread throughout the world. The French celebrate the day on July 11. The naughty sweet taste of chocolate and the love of the favorite genius are given as gifts to someone. So, just as chocolate can break pride, it can also sweeten the give-and-take relationship. So before the Valentine’s Day, it is celebrated on February 9 as Chocolate Day.

However, some calendars in the world speak differently. According to the calendar, World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7, except February 9. September 13 has been declared International Chocolate Day in the United States. In Britain, the country’s residents celebrate ‘National Chocolate Day’ on October 26. Therefore, Light Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Day on January 10, Milk Flavored Chocolate Day on July 26, White Chocolate Day on September 20, Pieces of Chocolate on May 15, Ice Cream Chocolate on June 8 and Chocolate Milk Shake on September 12. In different calendars of the world. Again, Chocolate Day decorated with any ingredients is celebrated on 16th December. Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa powder in the world. So in Ghana celebrate their Chocolate day on 14 February.  Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 11 in Latvia. So, not only in February, this day is celebrated 11 times a year.

History of Chocolate

The word “Chocolate” in English comes from Spanish. However, there is disagreement over how the word came to be in Spanish. It is thought that the word “Chocolate” came from the Nahuatl language, meaning the word “Chocolatal” in the language of the Aztec. This “Chocolatal” comes from “Xocolatl”. “Xococ” means bitter or sour and “Atl” means liquid or drink. The Maya civilization of Latin America was the first to taste chocolate. The name also comes from their language ‘Schocolet’. Which means acid drink. This chocolate, made from the seeds of the cocoa tree, was originally used as a beverage in the beginning.

During that time many people used it as a cooking spice. At that time only members of the Maya royal family, administrators, religious leaders, soldiers and the respected merchant community could taste it. The Aztecs later learned the use of chocolate from the Mayans. It was their adored god “Quetzalcoatl” who brought this cocoa tree to earth. And by playing the fruit of this tree, both empire and power can be conquered. Such was the belief of the Aztecs. That is why the cocoa tree is worshiped in that country. There are even instances of offering chocolates to gods.

Chocolate in Modern times

The first modern chocolate factory was established in Spain. In Europe, chocolate only appeared in the 16th century. The Spaniards brought it in 1527. They were the first to appreciate this drink. The Spaniards believed that chocolate not only strengthened energy, but also helped the body to heal wounds faster. They changed the recipe and flavored the chocolate by adding sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. The ruling aristocracy immediately imposed huge taxes on cocoa beans. So in Spain, only those who were able to pay for chocolate could make and eat chocolate.

France learned the taste of chocolate in 1615 for the marriage between “Louis XIII” and the Spanish “Infanta” of Austria. Gradually it spread throughout Europe. At that time it was an expensive pleasure that only rich and aristocratic people could afford. Currently the most popular chocolate in the world is Cadbary Dairy Milk. It is known that George Cadbury (Jr.) learned the recipe of Cadbary Bar from Spain and first spelled it in 1905. However, John Cadbary was the first member of the Cadbary Company. He previously ran a tea shop on Bull Street in Birmingham. At present, Cadbary is prepared by importing high quality cocoa beans from West Asian countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Sierra Leone etc.

How is it Celebrated?

Various ceremonies are held in different countries. Exhibitions, fairs, master classes and tastes, various competitions etc. are organized which are a great pleasure for both children and adults on this day. Mass festivities are organized by large supermarkets or confectionery factories. There the audience is shown on this day how the masterpiece of chocolate is born. Restaurants and cafe offer stunning and delicious chocolate menus. Chocolate surprises are often given in their own way.

The “Chocolate Train” is made in Switzerland and travels by train. In Belgium they visit the original Chocolate Museum. A complete chocolandi is made in Germany. This is a different world where sweet shows are staged for the audience every day. Chocolate is so popular with Americans that it celebrates the Chocolate Festival twice a year. The Russians also celebrate World Chocolate Day on a huge scale in Pokarov. Next to the Pokarovosky Chocolate Museum is filled with tourists on holiday. At festivals, eating chocolate is naturally a traditional activity.

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