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“Manike Mage Hite,

Modu a nura gaangume abi

Aabi lebi…..”

The song has gone viral recently. Basically, fhis song has written in Sinhala language. The main singer of this song is Satishan Rathnayek. But later on, a singer name Yohani has come to everyone’s eye for singing this song again. Everyone has very interested to know about this song and singer Yohani Diloka De Silva. So, today’s presentation for this song to be viral and about Yovani. Fomer name Yohani Diloka De Silva is a famous model, rapper, actress, social media influencer. Yohani has millions of followers on social media accounts. She gained her fame after her video went viral on social media. Yohani is currently the most searched word on Google. So, let’s talk about Yohani’s age, height, birthday, biography and much more.

Yohani Diloka De Silva

Yohani Diloka De Silva was born on July 30, 1993 in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. She is a Sri Lankan singer, songwriter, rapper, music producer and business woman. Her upbringing in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Originally started her music life as a Youtuber. She recently received recognition for her rape cover of Debiange Bare. Singing at her rapping has earned her the nickname Rap Princess of Sri Lanka. He has been featured and discussed worldwide for his rap cover of Manike Mage Heathe. She also became the first Sri Lankan female singer to cross the milestone of gaining one million subscribers on You Tube. The Sri Lankan record label Pettah Effect was invented her. She recorded pop hits (Ultimate Mashup Covers) with them. This led her to greater success in the aftermath and won the Raigam SOME award as the best video remake.

Yohani Early life

Yovani Diloka De Silva’s father’s name is Prasanna De Silva. Her father was an experienced fighter and former army officer. Yohani father’s position in the Sri Lankan Army was Major General. Her mother’s name is Dinith De Silva. Her mother was an airhostess at Sri Lankan Airlines by profession.  Yohani is basically two sisters. Yohani is the eldest of the sisters. Her sister name is Shavindri De Silva.  Her sister’s is currently studying medicine as a doctor. Due to her father’s military position, the two sisters grew up in different places including different bases in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Banglasesh.

The two grew up together in the Colombo district at an early age and attended the same school. John’s childhood was not like that of other peers. Because of the 30 years civil war in Sri Lanka, Her father was at the forefront as a soldier. Her mother was heroically present at every step of their path. Yet the grils survived every day without knowing if they would see their father. Yovani’s interest and practice in music began early in life. Her mother persuaded him to follow her passion at an early age to understand her interest in music. He was heavily involved in the sport as a renewed swimmer and water polo player at Vishakha School. The days spent in the UK at the end of her schooling helped her expand her horizons in the world as well as in music.

Yohani Education life

Yohani’s primary and secondary education began at Vishakha School No. 5 in Colombo. There she completed her general level academic examination in 2009. From 2010 to 2012, she completed the Advance Level Exam in 6th form at the Hatch End High School in London, UK. Before music life, Yovani was interested in logistics Management. Her father’s career had an impact on her tertiary education. Because, based on her father’s actions, she had to choose a university.

She was elected General Sir John Kotelawala University. She graduated from the university in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in second class upper. After graduating, she began in internship at CMA CGM. Later that same year, she met Dilanjan, co-founder of Thierry and Pettah Effect. In early 2016, she started working as a supply chain manager in Acolade. It is a vehicle parts manufacturing company. In that year, Yohani created her You Tube channel with the help of Dilanjan. But at that moment, Yohani felt the need to pursue higher education. She then traveled to Australia in 2017 to pursue a master’s degree. During her time in Australia, she continued to cover songs in the midst of the university’s tight schedule.


There she earned a first-class master’s degree in professional accounting from the University of Queensland in Melbourne. It was at this time that the cover of her Devienge Bare by the drill team went viral on social media. As a result, Nadika and Nadika were invited her to sing at the reception of the concert in Melbourne. In 2017 to 2018, Yohani was inspired by music from monolink, Rufus Du Sol, Ziggy Alberts and Nora En Pure in Australia. Then she decided to either settle in Australia to pursue a career in accounting or return to Sri Lanka to immerse herself in music. The proof of her choice in the next is history.

Yohani Music Profession

Yohani’s early influence in music was varied. After returning to Sri Lanka in 2019, Yohani became the center of music career. She joined a record level the Pettah effect. There were a lot of young talents to run the show here. The same year, her first performance was at the Rendezvous Concert. Yohani’s overall performance and normal proximity to the public sparked her first pub engagement the following month. It was performed at Hilton’s Besico by Sheron, the lead guitarist of the band Lunu. ‌She immediately gave another performance at Cinnamon Lakeside Columbus.

As a result, she was subsequently invited to a number of shows for private and public gatherings. Due to this performance, her popularity increased. In addition to public venues, Yohani always oprarate the first medium of his performances. And that is the YouTube cover. In mid-2019, she did several more covers. There were several covers with the band ‘Lunu’ onstage performance. One of the covers was Dushyantha Biraman‘s “Pan Senehas“. It was a huge hit with the audience. Following the huge popularity of this cover, she was performing with Lunu brand at second live concert – ‘On the Rocks’. The next chapter of Yohanni begins with the Red Bull Sri Lanka ‘Red Bull Presents’ event.

Yohani Pop Song

Yohani was one of nine artists selected to perform with big names in the Sri Lankan music industry, including Bathia and Santosh (BnS), Lahiru Perera and Rakitha (Nadro). Selected artists were also given the opportunity to create a cover of their choice. At the time, Yohani’s favorite was “Pop Hit Mash Up.” The cover was so dazzling that the cover reached 10 million views. It was a turning point in her career. It was the first real breakthrough in the Sri Lankan market. In 2020, Prima Kattu Mee signed with Yohani as their brand ambassador for two years. It was her first significant brand approval. She went to Dubai with Lunu on the first tour for “Yohani Live in Dubai”. The same year she visited London.  The tour was with Lahiru Perera for a Ridma Rathiriya dinner dance organized by Lakshit Welfare Foundation.

Yohani Song

Due to the epidemic, public performances were stopped. But Yohani continues to virtually entertain her fans throughout government-backed lockdown. After the first wave of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka, Shotown Entertainment organized the first ‘Drive-in Concert’ with the help of the Secretary of Defense and the Tri-Forces. This drive-in concert made history because it was the first in Asia and the tenth in the world. Yohani has performed with great artists like Bathia and Santosh (BNS), Umaria Sinhawansa, Bathia Joykodi, Santosh Biraman, Anushka Udana and Wasti Productions.The initiative was conducted in compliance with strict health and safety guidelines aimed at reactivating the entertainment industry after the lockdown.

Its success has attracted international attention. Interestingly, all proceeds from the concert were donated to the “ITUKAMA” Covid-19 healthcare and social security fund. Yohani then signed with Red Bull Records. She released her first song “Aye” in August 2020. So far more than 1.5 million people have listened to this song. After the first success, she released her second song “Sita Daona” in September 2020 with “Chamath Sangeet”. In December 2020, she released her third song “Rawat Dashin” to pay homage to his father. The same month December 21, Yohani released her fourth song, “Merry Christmas.” Then came the song that changed her life. Yohani released the song “Manik Maje Heathe” on May 22, 2021.

Yohani Diloka De Silva

At a Glance

Full name Yohani Diloka De Silva
Nick name Yohi
Date of Birth July 30, 1993.
Age 28 Years (2021).
Birth place Colombo, Sri Lankan.
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Music Producer, Business Woman.
Father’s name Prasanna De Silva ( Ex. Major General of Sri Lankan Army)
Mother’s name Dinithi De Silva (Ex. Airhostess of Sri Lankan Airlines).
Siblings 2 Sister (Yohani is the eldest).
Name of siblings Sister:

Shavindri De Silva

(Doctor; Studying in Medicine)

Height 1.65m (5ft 4in).
Marital status Not married
Weight 54 kg.
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black and Brown
Boyfriend No Boyfriend
Zodiac sign Cancer.
Language Fluently in Sinhala and English
Nationality Sri Lankan.
Education General education:

Vishakha School 05.

Higher Education :

Bachelor of Science Degree. Logistics Management from General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University.

Religion Christian.
Favorite Food Chocolate, Pizza.
hobbies Playing video games, listening music.
First Record Level Pittah Effect.
First contact Red Bull Sri Lanka
Released song Aaye (Solo Track Version),

Sitha Dawuna.

Rawwath Dasin

Merry Christmas baby

Haal Massa Viyole Viyole

Awidan Yanawa

Manike Mage Hithe



Source of Income Modelling, Singing
Net worth, salary LKR 500k-600k

Manike mage heithe Song

Manike Mage Hithe is a Sinhalese song. Satishan Rathnayake wrote this song. On May 22, 2021, Yohanni sang it again. The lyrics are written by Dulan ARX. The song goes viral. Within 3 months, the song crossed 60 million views on YouTube. Especially in India, Maldives and Bangladesh it became a big hit. One of the most watched and favorite Sri Lankan YouTube video songs. The video song has been identified as the first major success in viral marketing in Sri Lanka.

It was originally uploaded to YouTube on 22 May 2021 to coincide with the Republic Day of Sri Lanka. The video song features the song set against the backdrop of young artist Johani de Silva and Satishan Rathnayake. The song became an internet sensation shortly after the official YouTube video was released. The song was later dubbed in various languages ​​including Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Nepali, Bengali & Bhojpuri.

Below the full song:

Manike mage heithe

Modu a nora hangume  yabi

Abi labi

Neriye numbe naage

Maage net eha meha yaawi


Ma hitha langama dawatena

Huru pemakaa patalena

Ruwa naari


Sukumali numba thama

Ma hitha lagama dawatena

Huru pemakaa patalena

Ruwa naari


Sukumali numba thama

Manike mage hithe

Ithin epa matanam waangu

Gatha hitha numba magema hangu

Ale numbatama walangu

Manike wennepa thawa sunangu

Gaame katakarama kella

Hitha wela nube

Ruwata billa

Nathin netha gaththama alla

Mange hithath na

Matama mella

Kelle kelle wela mage hitha

Paththu wenawada thawatikaka

Kittu mata pissu thadawena widihata gassu

Oya dunnu ingiyata mathwu

Bambareki mama thantu issu

Oya watakaragena raswu

Roththen hitha aragaththu bambara

Ma hitha langama dawatena

Huru pemaka patalena

Ruwa nari


Sukumali numba thama

Hitha langama dawatena

Huru pemakaa patalena

Ruwa naari


Sukumali numba thama

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